About Us

It all started as a simple conversation in June 2016 between our owner and his wife. The idea was to make a brand out of moving large item furniture and antiques with pickup trucks and cargo trailers. Our owner Thomas had a GMC Sierra and was constantly being asked by friends and family to help move things during his free time and thought why not make this into a business?

TB III’s Pickup Service LLC is on a mission to create it’s own market in the transportation industry. We want to be your go-to for moving antiques and estate moving services. Using pickups and cargo trailers allows us to do many things that our competitors cannot. Our all-terrain vehicles give us the ability to work in all types of weather and environments whether its a winter storm in January or moving through rough roads in the mountains of far western states. We are also small enough to where accessing NYC and other tight cities is a breeze. There are no second or third parties involved with our services.

Cargo trailers completely conceal your possessions and leave them unexposed from nature and the public eye. We use top notch trailers that can handle any road within the United States.

Join us in making history with the new age of household item transportation!